Chartwells offers a variety of services and can provide specialized menus for your most formal occasions. We can provide catering services for all types of functions including meetings, seminars, workshops, luncheons, dinners, receptions, weddings and rehearsal dinners. These services are offered not only on the New Mexico Tech campus, but to the entire city of Socorro.

Once again, thank you for considering Chartwells. Our goal is to be the Caterer of Choice, not only at New Mexico Tech, but in Socorro as well. You can reach us by phone at (575) 835-5111. Our professional and friendly catering staff looks forward to hearing from you soon.

There are several things to consider before placing your catering order. The following is a brief list that should be addressed when placing your order. Your responses will help both your department and Chartwells in making your event the best it can possibly be. Having responses to these questions prepared when you call to book your event will ensure our ability to provide you with the details and service you expect.

  • When is your event to be held?
  • What type of event are you planning?
  • How many persons will be attending?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is the event formal or informal?
  • What type of menu do you desire?
  • What style of service do you want - table, buffet, or self-service?
  • Do you want a head table?
  • Do you want candles, flowers, or centerpieces on the tables?
  • Do you want to enhance your event with special decor?

  • Step One: Determine Site and Site Requirements

    Non-New Mexico Tech Customers:
    To use New Mexico Tech Facilities, contact Macey Conference Center at (575) 835-5342 or Fidel Student Center (575) 835-6545 and inform them that you are planning an event. Confirm the date of your event with Conference Services as early as possible and provide them with as many preliminary details as available. If you are not using New Mexico Tech facilities, we’ll need to know where the event will be held. Contact Chartwells at (575) 835-5111.

    New Mexico Tech Customers:
    Reserve your meeting space before you call Chartwells. Once you have your site reservations done, contact Chartwells in the Fidel Center at (575) 835-5111.

    New Mexico Tech Catering:
    Q. Can I bring in outside catering or my preferred caterer?
    A. Chartwells Catering is the exclusive caterer for New Mexico Tech. Any food, beverage, or staff hosted with New Mexico Tech must be arranged and contracted through Chartwells.

    Q. Are there any exceptions that can be made if an alternate caterer is preferred?
    A. There are two exceptions that may be approved to allow for an outside caterer.
    1. If a known religious requirement cannot be met.
    2. Declined by Chartwells because we cannot accommodate the event.

    The exceptions will not apply if the event is declined by Chartwells Catering due to failure to adhere to our policies.If this occurs, the event may be hosted in the facility, but food and beverage will not be allowed in from an alternate provider. For these exceptions to be considered, the request must be made through Chartwells Catering.(All food and beverage requests must be made through Chartwells).

    Step Two: Lead Time

    In order to serve the quality food and provide the level of service you expect and deserve, we ask that you allow the following lead times:

    Number of Guests Lead Time Required

  • 1 - 25 Three Business Days
  • 26 - 100 Seven Business Days
  • Over 100 Ten Business Days

    We do realize that emergency and special functions may arise at a moment’s notice. Chartwells will do our best to accommodate these types of functions however we will charge an added fee of 10% of the total bill or $25.00, whichever is greater.

    A lead time of ten working days is required if a unique menu item, special decor, or special services are requested. To avoid confusion, please assign only one person from your department or organization to work with Conference Services and Chartwells.

    Step Three: Number of Attendees and Billing

    When booking your event, an estimate of the number of attendees is required. Guaranteed attendance numbers must be provided to the Catering Manager no later than three (3) business days prior to your event. The expected attendance number agreed upon at the time of booking will be used in lieu of a guarantee if not provided by this time. You will be charged based on the number of attendees you guarantee regardless of actual attendance. Meals served above the guarantee will be added at the price quoted.

    Step Four: Sign a Catering Services Contract

    Non-New Mexico Tech Customers:
    You must sign and return a Catering Services Contract a minimum of five (5) days prior to the date of your event. In addition, a deposit of 50% is also required at this time. For special or emergency functions, a Catering Services Contract must be signed at the time of pick- up or delivery. If you fail to return a signed Catering Services Contract, Chartwells will not cater your event.

    New Mexico Tech Customers:
    Your signature on your event order serves as approval of the order and any associated costs. As signed copy of the event order is due to Chartwells five (5) days prior to the date of an event, along with a signed 61X or Professional Activities Fund Form. These forms are required to bill your department at New Mexico Tech. If you fail to return a signed Event Order AND a signed 61X/PAF Form, Chartwells will not cater your event.

    Step Five: Billing and Payment

    Non-New Mexico Tech Customers:
    Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Catering Manager, Chartwells will require a deposit of 50% of your total invoice no later than five (5) business days prior to your event. The remaining 50% will be due to Chartwells on the day of your event. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Credit Card payments will be taken over the phone. Please have your card available when you call.

    New Mexico Tech Customers:
    Chartwells will submit your 61X or PAF Form to the business office for payment after your event has concluded.

    Carry-Out Orders

    Carry-out orders are subject to the normal catering procedures and lead times outlined above. If possible, all items will be served on disposable ware.

    Delivery Service

    Chartwells will cater events off the New Mexico Tech campus. A delivery fee of 20% will be added to all events within a ten (10) mile radius of campus and a food minimum of $200.00 strictly enforced. For events greater than ten (10) miles from New Mexico Tech Campus a food minimum of $300.00 will be strictly enforced with a delivery charge of 25% or $1.00 per mile, whichever is greater. Final approval for any event greater than 10 miles from New Mexico Tech campus is strictly at the discretion of the Catering Manager.

    Alcoholic Beverages

    Absolutely NO liquor may be brought onto the New Mexico Tech Campus. Bar service is provided through the Macey Conference Center and must be ordered through Conference Services at (575) 835-5342.


    All catering display-ware (i.e. trays, cups, plates, etc.) must be returned at the time of Chartwells’ clean up. If any display-ware is unaccounted for, your department will be charged for replacement of the item. The amount will vary depending on the piece of equipment. In addition, it is Chartwells’ policy to provide excess condiments and other necessaries (i.e. stir straws, sugar/creamer packets, cream cheese, etc.). All leftover items such as these also need to be returned at the time of Chartwells’ clean up.

    China & Linen Service

    You can upgrade any meal on our menu from heavy duty plasticware to china, glassware, linen tablecloths and napkins for an additional charge. For events in Fidel Student Center add $2.00 per person; for events held anywhere else on Campus add $4.00 per person. Kindly notify the Catering Department of your color choices a minimum of one (1) week before your event.

  • Standard Tablecloth Colors available are: Black, White, & Red.
  • Standard Napkin Colors available are: Black, White, Red, and Royal Blue.
  • Other colors are available upon request for an additional additional $6.50 (52"x96") or $7.50 (85x85), per table. Please contact the Catering Department.

  • Specialty Services and Rental Items

    Floral arrangements, table decorations, balloons, and theme décor are available upon request for an additional fee.

    Chartwells will tablecloth and skirt your buffet tables free of charge. For additional tables Chartwells will charge $8.50 per table. Please contact the Catering Department for additional information.

    School Closures

    Chartwells Catering closes during periods when the New Mexico Tech campus closes. Examples of closure times include Spring Break and Christmas Break. Although catering may be available during these times, additional charges will apply. There is a minimum charge of $200 for an event catered over the weekend or during a posted school closure.

    Food Safety Guidelines

    New Mexico Health Code allows for food served on a buffet to be out no more than two (2) hours. For this reason Chartwells will provide food service for two (2) hours for your event.

    For Health and Safety reasons, all perishable food not used at a catering event becomes the property of Chartwells. ABSOLUTELY NO take-out or to-go containers will be given out. In addition, to ensure the safe and proper food handling at your event, no outside food or beverage may be brought into your event.

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